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            Configure Gmail to Send As your eXp Email

            Below are the instructions to setup the ability to Send As your @exprealty.com alias in Gmail.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need the username and password credentials sent to your personal email address  in the message: eXp Passport - Email Forwarding Confirmation

            1. Login to your  gmail.com account

            1. Click the gear icon

            2. Select Settings

            1. Click Accounts

            2. Click Add another email address from the Send Mail as section

            1. Name: Enter your first and last name

            2. Email Address: Enter your @exprealty.com alias

            3. Check the box next to Treat as an alias

            4. Click Next Step

            5. You will be prompted to verify your email address.

              1. Click Send verification

              2. You will receive an email verification from Google to your personal email account containing a link to verify authorization of this feature with the subject line: eXp Realty Confirmation - Send Mail As…

              3. Click the link within the message.

                • You may be prompted for a Password.

                • This refers to the Server Password: See the image below

            6. Once verified , you will have the ability to Send As your @exprealty.com alias from your personal gmail account inbox.

            7. Refresh gmail.com

            8. Click Compose

            9. From: Select your @exprealty.com alias to Send As

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