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            Configure Gmail to Send As your eXp Email

            Below are the instructions to set up the ability to Send As your @exprealty.com alias in Gmail.

            1. Login to your gmail.com account.

            2. Click on the gear icon at the top right and then click on settings in the drop down.


            3. Click on the Accounts tab and then click on the “Add another email address” in the Send mail as section.

            4. Your first and last name should be in the first box. Enter in your exprealty.com email address in the second box. Make sure the Treat as an Alias box is checked. Click Next Step.

            5. You will enter in outbound.mailhop.org into the SMTP Server box. A generic server name is auto filled in there, just click in that box and delete it. The password will be the mail server password which is     expKzgGNMZupa     Click on add account.



            6. If you have successfully entered in the above information you will receive an email from Gmail asking you to click on a link to verify along with a code. Follow the directions in that verification email.

            Once all steps and the verification email are complete you can now Send As your eXp email by clicking on Compose and in the From: at the top there will now be a drop down where you can toggle between your eXp email Alias and gmail

            You can also set your eXp Email as your default by going back to Settings then Accounts and selecting "Set as Default" next to the eXp Realty email that should now show up in the Send As Box.

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