eXp Realty

            Configure Yahoo to Send As your eXp Email

            Below are the instructions to setup the ability to Send As your @exprealty.com alias in Yahoo.

            1.) Log into your yahoo.com account/inbox and select the "settings" option on the far right side

            2.) Select the "More Settings" option:

            3.)  Select the "Mailboxes" tab:

            4.) Select "ADD" under the "Send-only Email address" option:

            5.) enter your eXp Alias on the  line here:

            6.) you should receive a message stating that a confirmation email has been sent to your inbox. In your case, it will be in YOUR Yahoo inbox.

            7.)  Open the confirmation email and click the link that says " Click here" to verify this email address. Once verified , you will have the ability to Send As your @exprealty.com alias from your personal yahoo account inbox.

            8.) After confirming, you should see your alias next to the  envelope under the "Send-only email address" option.

            9.)  Compose an email.  There should be an arrow on the "From" box that allows you to toggle between the accounts you want to send from.

                    That's it -  you're done.

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