What is eXp Passport

What is eXp Passport?

eXp Passport is a single sign-on service used by eXp Realty to enable a single, global login to many services and applications provided. With your eXp Passport account, you can conveniently access many of the applications you normally use, through a single, secure sign-on experience. eXp Passport will soon be required to access these applications. While not all services offered by eXp are integrated into eXp Passport, many are, including; 
  • eXp Enterprise
  • Facebook Workplace
  • eXp Marketing Center
  • eXplore eXp Realty
  • eXp World
eXp Passport will provide a universal sign-in experience across the many platforms, as demonstrated below;
Facebook Workplace
eXp Enterprise
eXp Passport will become the single identity you will use to log into all eXp Realty-provided technology in the future. Our goal of this is to ensure security and ease-of-use for all members of eXp Realty.
If you are looking for a Getting Started Guide for eXp Passport, please click HERE.
If you experience difficulties activating your account, please send a help request ticket to the eXp Tech Support team by clicking HERE, or connect to the live chat located in the lower right of this Knowledge Base.

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