What is the ExpressOffers Lead Gen Playbook?

What is the ExpressOffers Lead Gen Playbook?

What the heck is a lead generation playbook and why do I need one? 

This is a guide to help you increase your presence as an ExpressOffers certified agent. Build ExpressOffers as a pillar to your business and generate closings is by letting everyone in your extended Sphere of Influence (SOI) know that you’re ExpressOffers certified and how that can benefit them.

Why use this playbook?

You need leads to generate closings and you need to build relationships in order to create those leads. We created this playbook for you to use and make it as simple as possible to start those conversations and relationships. This playbook was designed to remove the time and energy required to build a lead gen program from scratch. Just plug and play to begin your lead gen strategy organically and FREE!!

Who is this playbook for?

ExpressOffers certified eXp Realtors. Being certified is a prerequisite to any ExpressOffers marketing. If you’re not certified, please start here.  Remember, we are the only brokerage with this competitive advantage providing this opportunity this way for our agents. While you may only sell a small percentage of homes submitted to our iBuyers, it's important to remember that ExpressOffers is a listing tool and your end game will always be to GET THE LISTING!

How do I use this playbook?

Use the strategy checklist, content & tutorials to implement strategies one by one. Watch the video introduction below.

Where do I find the ExpressOffers Lead Gen Playbook?

Log into our eXp Marketing Center and type Express Offers in the search box to land on our custom marketing pieces.

Need Assistance?

Please reach out to the Making It Rain Team. Email: MakingItRain@eXpRealty.com

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