How do I get certified with ExpressOffers?

How do I get certified with ExpressOffers?

You need to take the following ExpressOffers on demand training classes to become a certified ExpressOffers agent:
  1. 101 - Core Concepts
  2. 102 - Disclosure & Mechanics
  3. ExpressOffers Platform Demo
  4. ExpressOffers Certification this is where you receive access to the marketing materials. And, after watching this course, you will be granted access to the ExpressOffers software platform within 48 hours (not weekends). Note: your PDF certificate will be automatically emailed to your email address.
Additional Courses - Not Mandatory (but highly encouraged!)
  1. 103 - Conversations with Sellers
  2. 104 - Prospecting with ExpressOffers 
  3. ExpressOffers - Leads - Making it Rain Advertising
Please use Google Chrome and  Start the 101 course here and log in with your exp Passport credentials. If you have issues using Mindflash, please click here to review our additional training articles.
The screenshot below is what your trainee dashboard looks like after you have completed all the courses and been granted access to the certification and social marketing materials.
This is the Certification module where you get your marketing items in the Handouts section

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