What Are The Best Ways To Contact “Make It Rain’ Support?

What Are The Best Ways To Contact “Make It Rain’ Support?

Hey eXp'ers!

There are several methods to reach "Make It Rain" Support!

1. Email MakingItRain@exprealty.com  (shoot us an email which opens a support ticket which the first available MIR staff member can answer)

2. eXp World : Just Like A Phone Call! jump in eXp World and visit the wonderful, helpful & always available staff that can point you right to MIR support. 
  1. Welcome Area Information Desk: Directly in front of you when you log into eXp World
  2. Tech Support Lobby: a Support Specialist will help you at the front desk 
  3. eXp Solutions Expo Hall:  a staff member at the Expo desk will be able to assist you

3. eXp Facebook Workplace Messager : connect with Demand Gen Specialist, Sheila Holifield or Lead Gen Product Manager, Kevin Comisky.

Additional Methods for Contact & Answers:
  1. The eXp Knowledge Base (where you're reading this article right now)
  2. MIR Dashboard (http://mirdashboard.exprealty.com/)
  3. Public website (http://makingitrain.exprealty.com/)
  4. Consultation Scheduler - message staff members or email MakingItRain@exprealty.com for consultation scheduler
  5. The on-demand intro courses. These courses cover all important information and allow you to message us with questions. Course links
  6. Step-by-step sign up (learn more) process documents. Click to View
  7. Support "Wizard": Click to View
  8. Emails we've sent you.


Happy Home Selling!

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