What's the Sign Up Process?

What's the Sign Up Process?

Hey eXp'er!

If you know what MIR product you'd like to sign up for please check out the step-by-step walkthrough for each product linked below. 

If not, and you're brand new to Making It Rain a great place to start would be the 15 minute program overview: CLICK HERE TO START

The Home Search Leads program will drive traffic to your eXp provided website. You will have the ability to reach these leads quickly and efficiently through the hosted CRM system.
We will launch a targeted Google Search marketing campaign on your behalf to drive leads, sales, and profits. With our experience and understanding of the market we can quickly provide you with leads in your area.

ExpressOffers allows you to connect your clients with institutional buyers who buy in cash within a short time frame. ExpressOffers Leads is a innovative new tool generates listing leads from Facebook and allows you to provide convenient options to clients. 

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