Need Help Getting The Most Out Of The Leads?

Need Help Getting The Most Out Of The Leads?


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2. Would you like to schedule a Lead Conversion Consultation to discuss increasing lead flow and/or quality?

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3. Let's Do A Campaign Improvement Audit

We'll look at everything we can do to bolster your ads and get the cost per lead down. Inherently, increasing lead flow & quality.

To initiate a campaign audit please fill out this survey so we can gain additional valuable information about your area. > Click here for us to ramp up your campaign

4. TRAINING (Classes) - View Full eXp Training Calendar

Database Management  Leverage your database and the leads created by MIR

‚ÄčFundamentals - Tuesdays (see calendar for updated times & location)

201 - Wednesdays


Advanced Training - Thursdays (see calendar for updated times & location)

Q&A Session - Fridays


eXp Scripts - Click to View 

Sneak Peek! 100 Lead Gen Tips, Tricks & Ideas - Click to View

Video Library: Converting Leads - Click to View

6. Is Lead Quality poor because they don't have PHONE NUMBERS?

Click here to learn how to easily change that KvCore setting

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      To cancel (or pause) the Making It Rain program, simply fill out the form on this page: It's important to note that, until you fill out the cancellation form, your ads will continue month after month LEAD ...
    • How do I get started on Making It Rain? (and sign up)

      Hey eXp'ers! #1 - Take the Intro Course(s) We highly suggest catching our product's on-demand courses. So you know how the leads are generated, how they enter your CRM and are comfortable working them.   "Making It Rain - Home Search Leads" ...
    • What is the telephone number for Support on Making It Rain?

      At this time, we do not currently offer telephone support. Any specific questions about your account can be directed to Additionally, if you have general questions before you sign-up, we recommend attending the Making It ...
    • How Do I View Making It Rain Leads In kvCORE?

      With kvCORE, in the future, more in-depth analytics will be available in the "Business Analytics" section. In the meantime, the best way to view leads generated from Making It Rain is to filter them using the "Smart CRM" tab. 1. Visit "Smart CRM" 2. ...
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      When we say “Target Area” we mean the areas you’d like home buyer leads for. Areas where you want to be selling your homes. We have 5 basic “rules of thumb” that you should use when picking your areas to target. Video Explanation Below 1) Areas with, ...