How To Cancel The Making It Rain Program

How To Cancel The Making It Rain Program

To cancel (or pause) the Making It Rain program, simply fill out the form on this page:

It's important to note that, until you fill out the cancellation form, your ads will continue month after month

  1. Lead Conversion Consultation
  2. Campaign Improvement Audit
  3. Training
  4. Resources
  5. Mandate Phone Numbers

1. Would you like to schedule a Lead Conversion Consultation to discuss increasing lead flow and/or quality? click here to schedule

2. Let's Do A Campaign Improvement Audit

We'll look at everything we can do to bolster your ads and get the cost per lead down. Inherently, increasing lead flow & quality.
To initiate a campaign audit please fill out this survey so we can gain additional valuable information about your area. > Click here for us to ramp up your campaign

3. TRAINING (Classes) - View Full eXp Training Calendar

Making It Rain : Converting The Leads Thursdays at 9am PST in eXp University Auditorium

Having trouble converting leads? Are you truly implementing proactive strategies to turn leads into clients. Then clients into sales? Walk out of this class with a plethora of new tips, tricks and best practices to implement. 

Topics include: KVCore, Showing Your Value/Differentiation, Followup Strategies, Scripts & Objection Handling, Setting Appointments & Getting Lead Engagement. 

Database Management  Leverage your database and the leads created by MIR

Fundamentals - Tuesdays (see calendar for updated times & location)

201 - Wednesdays


Advanded Training - Thursdays (see calendar for updated times & location)

Q&A Session - Fridays

Many More Helpful Classes Are Coming From eXp University Soon!

eXp Scripts - Click to View
Video Library: Converting Leads - Click to View


5. Is Lead Quality poor because they don't have PHONE NUMBERS?

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      If you’d like to cancel your Making It Rain program, simply fill out the form on this page:
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      To cancel the Making It Rain program, simply fill out this form:
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