How do I create my FREE agent URL?

How do I create my FREE agent URL?

You can create your ExpressOffers agent URL by yourself and start using it immediately in your marketing efforts!

This free tool gives you a unique web page to share with potential sellers interested in getting a cash offer. The seller can then enter their property and contact information into a simple form on the page, and that information will automatically be emailed to you. Then, you can follow up with the seller directly.

Before You Start:
  1. You must be an ExpressOffers Certified Agent or you can't log into our software platform, which means that you wouldn't be able to help a seller looking for a cash offer. Certification information is here.
  2. You must use your eXp Realty email address. You cannot use a personal email address because it won't work.
  3. The end of the URL that shows your name will disappear when it re-directs to This is intentional and the URL will work. The reason this happens is that the website will "cookie" (track) the website visitor and knows to forward the lead to you, if they submit an inquiry (fill out the form).
  4. If you want to test your URL, please use your own address and test it only one time. If you've set up the URL correctly, it will work.
  5. You have to use the punctuation properly, exactly as you see it below in the example URL:
  6. Click here to watch Kevin's tutorial video to see how to create your agent URL.
Example URL:

How to Create Your URL:

Your URL is based off of your eXp Realty email address. In the example above the agent’s email address would have been

Step by step instructions to create your URL:

  1. Look at your eXp Realty email address

  2. Remove the portion, leaving just your name
    Example: clark.kent

  3. Replace the period (“.”) separating your first and last name with a hyphen (‘-”)
    Example: clark-kent

  4. Add that to the end of the web address here:

That’s it! You now have your own personalized web page URL that you can share and promote to get leads emailed directly to you.

Additional Examples

eXp Agent Email Address Agent URL > > >