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            What Kind of Contact Information Do Making It Rain Leads Provide?

            The Making It Rain program is an advertising program that, in turn, generates internet leads. Internet leads inherently don't always provide the best or 100% of their contact information. It is not uncommon for leads to register under different names (Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse) or to only provide an email address. With the Making It Rain program, because we are simply promoting and driving traffic to your site, we can't guarantee a lead's contact information will be correct. 

            It's not uncommon for Agents to ask us about if they can receive leads that provide an email AND a phone number. Ultimately, this is possible though we don't tend to recommend it and this change is done through the settings of your website. You can learn more about that here in this article: Can you force leads to provide a phone number?
            Updated: 08 Jan 2019 05:13 AM
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