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            Tips for Using eXp World

            eXp World Tips

            A headset is strongly recommended to reduce the possibility of echo or feedback.

            1. Moving around in eXp World can be done with these keys: W,A,S,D or with the Arrow Keys on your keyboard.
              1. W or the Up Arrow: Makes your Avatar move forward
              2. S or the Down Arrow: Makes your Avatar move backward
              3. A or the Left Arrow: Turns your Avatar left
              4. D or the Right Arrow: Turns your Avatar right

            1. Navigating the world can be confusing, in the top-left corner of the screen click on the "GO TO" menu. Select the appropriate department and you will teleport to that department's

            1. You can only communicate with users who are in the same location as you. For example, if you're in room A1, someone in room B5 won't hear you and you won't hear them.

            1. Instead of holding down the mic button with your mouse, you can hold the #1 key on your keyboard to talk.

            1. Many problems can be resolved by restarting eXp World. If you cannot quit normally, try typing "/exit" in the chat window. This should immediately close eXp World.

            1. Many of the screens in the classrooms are interactive, but some are reserved just for the instructor. Your instructor will let you know which ones to use.

            1. You can dance if you want to! Dancing and many other actions can be performed by clicking your name in the top-left of the screen. This can be a great way to communicate non-verbally.


            Updated: 10 May 2019 05:21 AM
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