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            Adjusting Time and Date Settings

            Time and Date Settings

            Sometimes eXp World can be blocked or stall on the splash screen or you may have issues accessing websites. This guide will walk you through a possible fix for this issue. 


            If you have an Agent getting stuck on the eXp World Splash screen when trying to login please follow these steps:

            If you are having issues with a website please skip to adjusting your Date & Time settings as seen in Step 2.

            Step 1. Try logging into http://exp.virbela.com/

            Step 2. If you see a JWT error make sure their Date and Time Settings are set to automatic.

            The Error message is hard to see/read this has been brought up to VirBELA

            You may need to restart your computer after making these changes.

            Step 3. Test  http://exp.virbela.com/ or the website you are having issues with again.

            if you are able to login successfully then eXp World should work as well.

            If your website is now working you should be all set!

            Step 4. Test eXp World

            You should be able to sign into eXp World, if the issue persists there could be another reason why eXp World is not working properly. 

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