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            The eXp Onboarding Process

            The onboarding process typically takes 7-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), but can vary depending on the circumstances. We know you’re ready to get to work so let us give you a brief breakdown of the steps and what’s involved for you.

            (*Items in BOLD text are steps you must complete.)

            Beginning the Process: Submit Your Application To eXp


            1.1a Verify License Primary:  

            • Agent Services verifies application/license.
            • Once complete your file is sent to the State or Provincial Broker (SAB/PAB)

            1.2a SAB Approval Primary:  

            • Broker speaks to you and vets your application.
            • If approved the Broker will sign off with Agent Services.
            • Agent Services will send you an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA).


            3.1 Confirm License Transfer:

            • Sign the ICA that was emailed to you. (There is a 30 day timer on this form! Please sign promptly.)
            • Speak with your Broker for steps to fully transfer your license.
            • Once these steps are complete you will receive your eXp email verification.
            • Be sure you click the link to verify to move to the next step.


            4.2 Convert Agent to Active:

            • Once you have verified your email your account will proceed to be made active.
            • The average processing time for this step can be up to 72 hours.
            • Be sure to keep an eye out for additional Welcome Emails and incoming emails to set up your platforms.

            This process will ensure that all of your systems and accounts are set up and working when you complete onboarding with eXp! Once you are fully onboarded you can jump right into things and learn more about all the wonderful resources our company offers.

            Useful Resources

            ACCOUNTING (Questions about Stock, Revenue Share or Billing) - accounting@exprealty.com 
            GO TO in World: Accounting

            Onboarding (Onboarding questions) - westerncareers@exprealty.com;  centralcareers@exprealty.com;  easterncareers@exprealty.com
            GO TO in World: Agent Services

            TECH OUTPOST (Technical support/mic issues/agent website setup/updates) - support@exprealty.com
            GO TO in World: Tech Outpost

            TRANSACTIONS (Questions about transactions, commissions, or cap status) - transactions@exprealty.com
            GO TO in World: Transactions

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