With Text Messaging we are able to accomplish two things:

  • Deliver the leads replies directly to you
  • Capture their replies and conversations in the leads 'Communications' under the 'Notes + Activity' tab in their lead detail record

First, you will need to ensure you have a CINC/Agent number assigned to you. This can be found under your personal Profile and Settings. Should you not have a CINC/Agent number, no new numbers are being issued at this time.

Additional notes on texting:

  • When texting from the desktop or the CINC Agent Mobile App on your phone, the system sends out a text utilizing the CINC/Agent number
  • Should a lead reply to your CINC/Agent number, or call that number, the communication is sent directly to the Cell Phone listed in your Profile and Settings
  • When a lead replies to you, the reply you receive also comes from your CINC/Agent number. This is why you need to utilize the code that appear in front of a leads name when replying to them from your texting application
  • Each lead has their own number code, and this is applied by the system after the lead texts your CINC/Agent number for the first time
  • When replying to the lead using their unique code, the system delivers the text to that specific lead and also removes the code from your text to the lead, so the lead does not see this code
  • Should you forget to include a code in your reply message, the system simply does not deliver a message to any lead. It does not reply to the most recent lead that texted you, nor does it reply to all leads in general