eXp Realty

            System Security

            Security is a valid and great concern that all companies should be aware of regardless of operations in the Cloud.

            At eXp we take security seriously. We undergo independent third-part audits on a regular basis as a public company. Additionally our Audit Committee Charter is committed to the ongoing review of internal systems.

            For example our email and document platform G Suite by Google offers strong commitments regarding data ownership, data use, security, transparency and accountability. We also provide and recommend all users additionally protect their accounts with 2-step verification.

            As eXp continues to build out internal systems and it's proprietary software, I can assure you that's being done with security in mind every step of the way.

            If there are other specific questions or concerns I'd be happy to arrange a conversation with someone from our executive technology group.

            Updated: 22 Feb 2017 08:03 AM
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