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            kvCORE Smart CRM

            You must first Opt in for kvCore before you can log in. To opt in for kvCore please follow the directions in this link Opt In for kvCore

            What is the kvCORE Smart CRM- This is where all of your leads will be located.

            Log into kvCORE and on the left hand side of the screen click on Smart CRM

            Organizing your leads- Leads can be organized in the different columns using the ascending/descending feature next to each category. You can also customize these categories by clicking on the columns drop down. You can search leads by name in the search box.

            Selecting Multiple Leads -  On the left hand side of the lead there will be a small box, click on this box to select the desired agents. There are 2 quick actions available. Mass Text and Email. Since only 250 leads can be displayed this is the max amount you can do at a time.

            More Actions - this is a list of other actions that can be done to leads in the smart CRM

            Displaying more leads per page - 250 leads per page is the max.

            Manual Add Lead -  at the top right is the Add Contact. This is how leads can be manually added.
            To add a lead toggle the "Permission to call text email" to yes, this is required.


            Save and apply filters -  at the top right there is a filter button. You can apply a filter to see if any leads match specific criteria. Filters can be saved for future use.

            Admin- to view a specific agent's leads using the filter click on the filter button, then click on Owner Type/Contact. Type the agent's name in the Agent Assigned box and click apply filters..

            Leads are not deleted, they are archived. If there is an issue with a missing lead use the filter to show all archived leads.

            Lead Record and Alerts

            Lead Record - Click on the name of the lead. This will bring up the lead record screen. 

            Timeline - This is your default view. This displays all activity for just this lead in chronological order.

            Actions - these are specific for this lead only and will be recorded in the timeline. You can refresh or do a search by keyword too.

            Lead information - Left hand column displays all known information about the lead and gives the ability to rate them with stars, what type of lead, notate if they are a seller, add hashtags, campaigns and any additional details. The name, email and phone number can also be validated (verified) by clicking on the shield at the top left next to the name. The information in this column can be manually edited. Click on what you want to edit. 
            An agent can not add a valuation, it is something auto added if the lead does it from the agent's website 
            The yellow warning does not mean any of the information is invalid. All that means is that it could not be validated.

            Alerts - This will send emails about specific listings to the lead when a new home or property is listed and it meets the criteria specified in the alert. Click on Alerts next to Timeline at the top and then the edit button to create the alert. You can also toggle Alerts off and on here.
            Other email's can be CC'd to the alerts during the setup. If they need to add or remove the email address the alert needs to be edited.


            Toggle thru leads and closing Lead Records

            Switch to a different Lead Record by using the left and right arrows at the top right of the screen. It is available in all tabs in the Lead Record view.

            Close out the Lead Record view and return to the Smart CRM by clicking on the X at the top right.

            Updated: 10 May 2019 08:44 AM
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