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            Send As with Owned GSuite - US/CA Only

            First, you will need to enable less secure apps. 
            From within your GSuite account, click the 9 dots in the top right corner, then Account.

            On the left navigation panel, click Security.

            On the bottom of the page in the less secure app access panel, click turn on access.

            Then, make sure less secure apps is switched on.

            Now with less secure apps enabled, navigate back to your Gmail account, click the gear wheel in the top right and then settings.

            Click Accounts and Import, then click Add another email address.

            Enter your first and last name and your eXp GSuite email address.
            Leave the "Treat as an alias" box checked and click Next Step.

            In this box, the settings are:
            SMTP Server: outbound.mailhop.org
            Username: the eXp email address
            Password: expKzgGNMZupa

            Now open your eXp GSuite account and look in your inbox for the Send As code. 

            Enter this confirmation code in the pop-up window for the personal email to verify the account.

            All done! Now when you compose an email, you will be able to select your eXp email in the compose from drop down menu.

            Updated: 01 Nov 2019 02:59 AM
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