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            Making It Rain Email #3 - Forcing Leads To Provide Phone Number

            Forcing Leads To Provide Email Address

            Hi << Test First Name >>,

            A question we get often from Agents about Lead Generation is about whether they can (or should) force consumers to provide a phone number.

            There are a few things to keep in mind here:

            1. The Making It Rain program is only an advertising program. We drive specific traffic to your lead generation website and some of that traffic will ultimately register as a lead on your site.


            2. With most lead generation sites, you CAN change a setting and force consumers to provide an email address to successfully register. To learn about how to do this with a kvCORE website, click this link and follow these instructions.


            That being said, if your goal is lead generation, we don’t necessarily recommend requiring this from the consumer. You can read more about this thinking in the following article butall in all, requiring a phone number can not only significantly reduce the number of leads you see but doesn’t guarantee you’ll actually receive more or better contact information.

            All of the numbers we quote on the Making It Rain website are with “Requiring a Phone Number” turned off. Again, if your goal is lead generation, it is our recommendation you make sure your lead generation site only requires an email address to register as a lead.

            If you have any questions about this, please reach out to MakingItRain@exprealty.com.


            The Making It Rain Team


            Updated: 12 Feb 2019 06:36 AM
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