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            Website Customization

            You must first Opt in for kvCore before you can log in. To opt in for kvCore please follow the directions in this link Opt In for kvCore

            Some of the live training inside of eXp world is available on Work Place, please click on the link to access them  eXp Work Place links and recorded trainings

            Log into kvCORE
            On the left hand side of the screen click on Web & IDX.

            Website Overview  

            Your kvCore website consists of different sections, understanding the layout will help when making choices for website customization.

            Website Manager
            this is the main page the Web & IDX loads too. At the top left, the website URL is listed. It also shows the Agent's name, email, and picture. This information is pulled from the My Profile in kvCORE.

            Admin - At the top right the dropdown can be used to toggle through all Subdomains for eXp including the main office/MLS sites. This can be used to troubleshoot a specific agent's issue.

            Edit Settings

            On the left-hand side just to the right of the URL is a button to Edit Settings.

            This loads into the Website Settings page. On the left-hand side are some quick links to help navigate quickly to the different sections. It will auto-scroll the right-hand side down to the appropriate area. 

            When making changes click on the save button that is located under every selection.

            It may take the servers a few minutes to register the changes made, you can force this update by adding  ?FLUSH_CACHE=1   to the end of the website URL and press enter. Close the tab and then go back to the website without adding the ?FLUSH_CACHE=1


            1. Background Images - In this section there are pre-loaded pictures. There is also an option to upload your own picture. This picture displays in the header of the website. If a picture is uploaded it is important to remember that it adds it to the bottom of the picture selection at the top. Scroll down in the pictures and check mark it then save.
            Any time Use Parent is available this means it will pull the information directly from the main office/MLS website the agent's account is associated with in kvCORE if selected. Typically default selection is to pull the data from the parent website.


            2. Hide Resources Page - This option is to toggle on or off the Resource page that is located at the top right of the website. If you click yes to remove you will only display Search, Sell, Agents and custom pages.


            3. Mandate Phone - This will require that new leads enter a phone number when asked to register. The lead is asked to register when viewing MLS listings. There is no way to turn off the entire registration. This option only allows the requirement for a phone number during registration. It is off by default and recommended that it be left off.

            4. Website Title - This changes your website's meta tag description, as well as your website's title. 

            5. Homepage Meta Description (appears when sharing on Google or FB) - This is no longer functioning per kvCORE.

            This feature has been removed per IRE

            6. Use office number on website instead of Smart number - This will display the Agents phone number on the website (even at the bottom of the page) instead of the smart number in their profile or the office/MLS parent's website phone number at the bottom of the page. This will also update the phone number on the Agent Profile page on the website. The default is the Office/MLS smart number. You can read about what a smart number is by following this link kvCORE Smart Number FAQ

            For this to display the agent's phone number they must have one selected in their kvCORE profile with the Show on Site box checked next to the desired number.

            7. Ask Unit - This feature toggles on and off the Unit number entry on the Sell page. Default just asks for the street address but if the agent is selling primarily condos this allows the lead to enter in the specific unit number. 

            8. Recruit text - This adds the recruit page to the agent's site. If it is left blank there will not be a recruit page.

            Adding Coding/pixels - Below is the sections where agents can add their own pixels and codes. The agent should review the directions from where they received the pixel or code. It will explain in what section it should be placed.

            9. Customer Header -  This area is available to the agent to enter in Google Site Verification code, Facebook Retargeting Pixel, and Pinterest Verification Codes. This puts the information directly into the HTML Header of the page. If the website no longer works or is blank after any code has been added empty out this box and fix your markup errors

            10. Custom Body - This area is available to the agent. This inserts full code snippets into the body of the website. The example would be Google Tag Manager. If you find that after updating this you site no longer works, is broken in some way, empty this box and double check the HTML markup.

            11. Custom Footer - This area is available to the agent. The footer is the area at the bottom of the website. Full code snippet can be added. The example would include Google Remarketing code. If after updating this you find your site is broken or not working in any capacity please clear this section and re-check your code. If you just enter in the text it will display below the phone number in the footer. This is also the area that IABS links will be added for Texas Agents. 

            12. Conversion Code - This is inserted into the event that indicates someone clicked to register their information to become a lead. In some lead conversion trackers, the tracker is looking for a URL/URI parameter or a 'success page' to track the conversion. This method of tracking conversions is tied to the registration button instead. So, you will need a type of conversion tracker that fires off of a button click event instead of looking for the URL to update. This has been auto-filled with a default code.

            13. Custom Chat widget -  by default it linked to FB. The agent must input their Facebook username in #14 for the chat to work. If this information is left blank the chat does not display on the website. The agent can input their own custom chat widget if they use a different chat.

            14. Facebook username for chat -  If this is left blank the custom default Facebook chat does not appear on the site. They must put in their username for facebook. If they do not know it they can use the Log into Facebook link that is located above the box.
            This does support a Business FB page.

            15. Override Sell Page with Listing Machine - This is under Construction. This will replace the Seller Valuation page with Listing Machine if the agent has an account. They will put in their Listing Machine ID in the box.


            17. Template - Hero is the primary kvCore template and can be customized using the Site Editor and HTML coding. The other option is Foundation and is the old Kunversion site style. It can not be edited or altered.

            18. Template Theme -  Here you can alter the color for your website.

            Template Extra Options 

            19. Background Video YouTube - This will replace the picture at the top of the website with a video. They will need to host their video on YouTube if it is a custom video. They will need the YouTube ID. The id is everything after the ?v= in the link to the video. No equal sign or slashes. Short videos are recommended. Looped videos work well for scenery.
            It is the agent's responsibility that they have permission to use the images and that their website is in compliance.

            20. Logo Zoom-  This is no longer available. It was a feature where the agent could disable the logo in their header. This was updated at the beginning of Nov. and removed.

            21. Use Full Width Custom Area - This will remove the white sidebars from around the middle section of the page where the Multi Family, Condos, Land, and Homes boxes are located. This will expand those boxes to cover the entire section.

            22. Use Black Color for Header - If your website logo doesn't mesh well with your chosen color theme, you can set the header background to black on all of the sub-pages of your site so it's more easily visible. Search results, blog, etc.

            23. Use Primary Color for Header- If the company logo on your site is white, set this to yes to make it more easily visible. If the color does not work well, use the black header option above instead.

            24. Hide Office Name on Home Page - This will remove the name of the office/MLS the agent is associated with in kvCORE Office name will still display on the footer for compliance.

            25. Use Square Agent Cover Image - This changes the frame around the agent's picture from a circle to a square.

            26. Hide Agent Image on Home Page - This removes the agent's picture from just the home page.

            27. Use Dark Background Image -  This is enable a transparent dark overlay over your background image that you set at the top of this page. This is for pictures only and to help display the search bar or any text better.

            28. Use Large Background image - This enlarges the area for the header image or video.

            Custom Navigation

            Agent only has a few options in here that will alter their website

            29. Hide Resources Tab
                  Hide Finance Tab
                  Hide We're Hiring Link

            Listing Carousel

            30. Home Page Listing Widgets - These display in the body of the website, right above to footer.

            Agent must have their Agent MLS ID # in their profile for their listing they are selling to show up on their site and in the "My Listings" If they do not this will not show or might say "Our Listings"


            31. Google Analytics - This area will eventually link the traffic to the Business Analytics in kvCore. Currently, it is being developed and there is no ETA. If the agent uses their own Google Analytics they can enter in their Google Analytic ID here.


            32. Show inactive on Roster -  If you are setting up "roster-only" Agent profiles, this should be set to Yes. This is more for compliance and nothing that needs to be adjusted.

            33. Hide Agent Roster - This Roster displays on the main Office/MLS sites only and is not available on an agent's personal website. It is used to disable the agent Roster displayed.

            34. Use Agent info for Tagline - The tagline is within the first colored bar underneath your homepage photo. If this is set to yes, the system will pull your email, and phone to replace the website tagline. 

            35. Do not Use Title/Realtor Wording - This will toggle on the label Realtor when referring to the Agent's on the Agent Roster.


            36. Types Served - Agent can show what type of listings they want to show. What this does is change the Type Option in the advanced search.

            37. Coverage Only - This is good for an MLS that covers multiple states and the agent only wants or is only licensed for their state with that mls. A ticket must be submitted to kvCORE with a list of the counties the agent would like.

            38. Scrub Areas - Will remove options from search list that might be invalid (spelling errors)

            39. Default Sort - Different options on how results from a search are displayed on the website. Default is Price low to high ($-$$).

            40. Default Display - This will change the way the search results are displayed. Grid is the default setting.

            41. Popular Options - This will add extra options to the Advanced Search example would include: Basement, Garage, Pets allowed, Water and Utilities.

            Website Editor 

            There is more website customization that can be done with some HTML coding on the front of the website. To open that editor you will click on the Web & IDX inside of kvCore and then click on Go to Site Editor.


            This opens the web page with the editor available for the body of the website that can be changed with HTML coding.

            It is important to note that the names can be changed in the default boxes by just clicking on them and typing what you want. 


            If you wish to change the code there is the code view option. Make sure to click on the save icon to save any changes. This is to the right of the code view icon, looks like a 3.5 mm disk
            Advance website editing by kvCORE  this link goes into more details on what tools will be needed to edit or change the HTML Code. 


            Site Content Tab

            There are 2 ways to access the information on this tab. You can go directly to this tab by going to Web & IDX and then at the top next to Website Manager is the Site Content tab. The main tab Website Manager also has the short cuts on the right hand side where you can click on view/edit.

            Testimonials - In this section manual testimonies can be added. If the agent has an account with Testimonial tree they can sign into that service in the Marketplace inside of kvCore. This will allow any testimonies through Testimony tree to be auto updated and added to the website. This section on the website is located in the middle of the page.

            Service Areas and SEO - This displays at the bottom of the website. By default it displays from the main office/MLS the agent's account in kvCoreis associated with. It creates a marketing page if you click on the area at the bottom of the website. It has town vs county stats along with the most popular listing (the one with the most views).


            Customer Pages - Agents can add custom pages to their own site. It can link out to an external page. An image can be embedded. This displays at the top right of the agent's website.

            Maximum of 2 custom pages can be added.

            Add to child sites is for the main office/MLS or a team site and they want it to go to all of their agent's sites they need to enable this during the set up.

            Blog Tab

            There are 3 ways to access this. You can access the blog from the Website Manager tab on the right hand side. There is a section called Blog Posts. You can view or add posts. There is also a blog tab at the top. There is also the Quick actions at the very top. This drop down has Blog Posts quick link and will take you to the Blog tab in Web & IDX.

            Embeds Tab 

            QR Codes - this generates a QR code for the agent's website. If they do the Listing QR Code this will generate a QR code for a specific listing. Enter in the MLS ID #

            Property Search - This is good for a personal site they are using and they want to embed their kvCore search bar on that site. kvCore will generate an iframe code for the agent.

            Website widget is the Home Page Search Bar. kvCore will generate this for them and they can copy and paste into their personal website.

            Seller Valuation - Same as the others, this is an iFrame code that kvCorecan generate for the agent if they want to embed this on another website that they own so the information is sent to their kvCore CRM

            Widgets tab

            My Widgets - This is on the company level only. Currently we are not adding any widgets at the company level.

            Updated: 04 Feb 2019 09:16 AM
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