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            kvCORE: Not Seeing All of the Correct Listings?

            If you do a search for a certain area and not all listings from that area seem to come up, you need to check to make sure you haven't enabled any settings that might be limiting results.

            To do this, simply follow these steps:

            1. Visit the Web & IDX Tab

            2. Click "Edit Website Settings"

            3. "Click "Listings" on the left-hand side to jump to the "Listings" settings portion

            4. Make Sure The "Coverage Only" & "Scrub Areas" Settings Are Set To "No"

            If you have the above setting on "Yes", your site will only show properties from the areas you've selected. You add or remove "Service Areas" follow the instructions here: Change kvCORE Service Areas

            5. Click "Save" On Both Sections

            6. Visit The Front Of Your Site Again But Make Sure To Clear The Cache By Adding " 
             /index.php?FLUSH_CACHE=1 " To The End Of Your Site URL

            To learn more about "flushing cache" and how to do it, please visit this Knowledge Base article

            7. Perform The Search For The Area Again

            8. Still having issues? Please take a look at the other settings associated with your site. If certain "Types Served"
            unchecked, they won't appear on your site. If you are looking for a townhome and don't have that checked in your settings, it won't be on your site. 

            9. If you still aren't seeing the correct properties pop up, it is possible your site is attached to the wrong MLS. Please send a ticket into Support@eXpRealty.com (or visit the Tech Outpost) and ask them to double check. You'll need to provide information on the MLS you are a part of. 
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