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            kvCORE Listings

            kvCORE Listings

            You must first Opt in for kvCORE before you can log in. To opt in for kvCORE please follow the directions in this link Opt In for kvCore

            Log into your kvCORE platform. On the left hand side click on Listings.

            Listings Dashboard

            Organizing your listings - listings can be organized in the different columns using the ascending/descending feature next to each category. You can also customize these categories by clicking on the columns drop down. You can also search for listings using the search box at the top left.

            The categories can be added or disabled by clicking on the columns button and selecting the options in the drop down. 

            The amount of listings can be increased per page by clicking on the Rows button. 250 per page is the max.

            Searching and Filters

            Listings can be searched by address by using the search box at the top left

            Filters can be used to narrow down a group of listings with specific criteria. Filters is located at the top left above the Search Box

            All - All listings in the office/MLS the agent's Account is associated with in kvCORE.
            My Listings - The Agent's specific listings
            Agency Listings - These are the listings specific to eXp and the office/MLS connected to the agent's account.

            Search by Draw on Map - this feature allows a search based on a polygon map. 
            You must complete the polygon circle before it will let you "clear" and start over.

            Selecting Multiple Listings and Hot Keys / More Actions

            On the left hand side of every listing is a small box, a listing can be selected from here. The Hot Keys are used for sending texts or emails to leads.

            Emails and texts can also be sent to Hashtags by using the More Actions feature after selecting the desired listings

            Manual Add Listings

            Listings can be added manually. This is done by toggling to the Manual Dashboard and then clicking on Add Listing at the top right.

            Manual Listings can take up to 12 hours to show up in the list on the Manual Dashboard once it has been added. This refresh is controlled by how often the IDX Feed for the MLS/Office in kvCore is refreshed. There is not a manual override. It is also important to note that Manual listings are not associated with a MLS#, it is possible to create a manual listing for one that already exists. Agents will need to manage their manual adds.

            Troubleshooting -

            Missing MLS/Listings -
            1) Always verify on the agent's website using a MLS# that should be showing but is not

            2) Check the main office/MLS website the agent's account is associated with to see if you can locate that MLS#

            3) Check 3rd party website such as Realtor.com or Zillow. If the MLS# is not showing the agent will need to check with the listing agent. There are options when the listing is set up with the MLS that must be checked, depending on the MLS both options must be selected (3rd party and Vendor use) before it will display on kvCORE or any website. If the listing is showing on 3rd party sites but not the agent's kvCORE this will need to be escalated to the kvCORE team.

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