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            I want to change the email address in Marketing Center.

            To change the profile information in the eXp Marketing Center you can click on your profile picture next to your name.  Sometime it is just a circle with no picture.  

            Edit profile

            That data is pulled from the eXp account that you have with us.  To change any personal information in your eXp Enterprise profile, please contact agentonboarding@exprealty.com and they will assist you with this.  Do not ask Marketing Center for support with this.  They cannot make changes.

            If there is an email address that you want on your materials but don't want to change your profile., here is how you do it...

            Let's use the business cards as an example.  

            When you go to eXpMarketingCenter.com and click the Important Links it opens some options.  One of which is House of Magnets (for example).  Click on House of Magnets

            Click on House of Magnets

            When you select to print business cards, scroll down, it takes you to an area where it asks you the quantity and under that is a customize button. 

            Here is where you enter the information you want to show on your cards.  Once you have completed this order, the info should be saved for the next. 

            IMPORTANT: If you need assistance with the eXp brand guidelines, as well as approval for alternative logos, please email marketing@exprealty.com

            Updated: 24 Jun 2019 01:11 AM
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