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            I Cannot Login to Online Payments to Access My Invoices in Enterprise

            If you are unable to access the Online Payments Portal in your Enterprise Account, this is a Step-By-Step Guide how to do it using the Incognito Window in Google Chrome. 

            The issue often happens when your browser (regardless which browser you use) is signed into a personal, non-eXp related account (i.e., a personal Gmail account and not your
            FirstName.LastName@exprealty.com account).  It is very easy to forget which account your browser as signed into as most of us set this up to be automatic.  Using the Chrome Incognito/Private browser allows you to get in regardless of any auto-sign in preferences you've setup in your normal browser settings.  Almost every other browser also has a Private Window option.

            * I recommend
            avoiding these browsers altogether: Explorer and Edge (default Windows browsers), Safari (default Mac browser).

            * I recommend
            using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they tend to have a lot less errors.  You can download them here:

            Google Chrome: 
            Mozilla Firefox: 

            How to Access the Online Payments Portal (to view Paid/Open Invoices) in Enterprise Step-by-Step using Google Chrome's Incognito Window:

            Step 1: 

            Step 2: 

            Step 3: 

            Step 4:

            Step 5:

            Step 6:

            Step 7:

            If the Open/Paid Invoices page doesn't open automatically, it is because of a Popup Block (i.e. if using Firefox for example):

            You did it!  You've successfully accessed your Online Payments Portal in Enterprise and should now be able to view/pay your Open/Paid Invoices.

            If you are still having trouble, email us at

            FAQ:  Does this mean I will only ever be able to access my online payments in Enterprise using the Incognito Browser?

            Answer: No, you should be able to access the Online Payments Portal in a regular Window, but you have to make sure you are signed into the correct account; sometimes being in the wrong account can cause this window asking you to "sign in" to appear:

            If you open a New Tab, you should be able to quickly determine in Google Chrome if you are in the wrong Google Account or not and switch to the correct account, or "Add Account" if you don't see it automatically as an available option in the list: 

            * The Incognito Window option should work 100% of the time, every time, assuming you have not missed a step.  If it does not work, there is something else wrong and you can reach out to us at 
            productionsupport@exprealty.com and we will investigate the issue for you.

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