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            How To Purchase An Additional kvCORE Website

            kvCORE users can now purchase additional websites to cover different areas/MLSs than the one they are currently set up in.

            This is useful if they are a part of multiple MLSs, work multiple markets, or simply want to divide up how they market various properties. 

            The cost for an additional website is $12/month per website. 

            The site typically takes 3-5 business days to launch.

            Please keep in mind that, in some cases, additional steps or costs might be required in order to receive IDX/ MLS approval. These vary and are determined by the MLS you are trying to get a site launched in. It is also important to remember that you are required to be an active paying member of whatever MLS you are trying to launch a site with. 

            To begin the set up process, you can opt in by following these steps:

            1. Log In To Your kvCORE Dashboard

            2. Visit The "Marketplace"

            3. Click "Get This" On The Tile That Says "Templated Website Add-on"

            4. Click "Add To kvCORE"

            5. Fill Out The Form

            6. Sign The Agreement

            7. Hit "Submit"

            8. Wait For Your Site To Be Approved And Launched

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