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            How to post to Workplace

            Here is a handy guide on how to post to work place including how to add pictures

            Step 1:

            Log into Workplace from a computer by going to exprealty.workplace.com (make sure you are using Google Chrome!)

            You will need to sign in using your eXp email and passport password

            If you are on a mobile device please download the Workplace app first and then sign in with your eXp email and passport password

            Step 2:

            At the bottom left you should see your initial or profile picture (if you have added this)

            Step 3:

            Click on your picture and then click on View Profile at the top of the Menu that pops up

            Step 4:

            This will take you to your timeline, at the very top you should see a box that says "What's on your mind?"

            This is where you can insert text or links. You can also add photos as well

            Step 5:

            If you click on the Add Photo/Video button it will open a screen to search through Windows to locate the desired files

            You will need to save your photo to a specific place and then locate it using this window. Once you have selected the photo(s) you can then click open

            Step 6:

            Follow up by adding any links or text 
            You can continue to add pictures by pressing the + sign 

            Once you are ready then click Post.

            Most groups on Workplace work the same way, the only difference is if the Admin of the group needs to approve your post before it will become available.

            You will get a prompt letting you know that your post was submitted for approval. You will have to contact the group admin or wait until they log in next to accept the post.

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