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            How To Make Your Leads/ Contacts "Private"

            In kvCORE, you can make your leads "Private".

            It's important to note that, with kvCORE, Agents cannot see your leads. Your leads are yours and they are not shared with other Agents.

            You can, however, make your leads private from the "Company" which essentially hides your leads from the Support Team. Some Agents prefer to keep information about their leads and database private. That is completely okay. 

            If you make your contacts private, you may be limiting the ways in which the Support Team can assist if you have questions or concerns down the road. Making your contacts private means the Support Team can't assist in looking up details about the lead, where it was generated, or why it received certain communication from you.

            To make your leads private, simply follow these steps:

            1. Click The Dropdown In The Top Right (You'll see your email)

            2. Click The Gear Icon In Your Profile

            3. Flip The Switch That Says "Make Contacts Private"

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