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            How to log into eXp World using Passport

            Passport can now be used to log into eXp World

            Agents will download and install world 

            An active passport account is required. If the agent has been sent a guest pass they must complete the full passport set up before they can complete the following steps (this includes 2 factor)

            Open eXp World and click on Login with Passport

            The next screen will prompt them to enter in their eXp Email and their passport password

            This screen will give the agent 2 choices. If they have a current Virbela account they can sign in using that information to link their passport with their existing login 
            if the agent does not have an account they will click on the "Create Avatar" (this will create an account in virbela with their eXp email)

            If an agent auto sign into eXp World without encountering any of these screens they will get a pop up telling them that all accounts will need to be connected to passport by the 1st of the new year
            Then it will give them the ability to sign in with passport and link their existing login with eXp World.

            Updated: 10 May 2019 08:44 AM
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