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            How To Feature Listings In CINC

            The Powered by CINC platform is no longer offered by eXp Realty. The information listed below may not be current or correct.

            it's important to understand that the current way our Featured Properties work is they will be displayed for all NEW visitors to your site. Once a consumer starts to search on your site, the Featured Properties change accordingly. The reason why they do this is pretty smart in my opinion. If someone uses your site to search for homes in Millcreek over $3,000,000 and they visit your featured properties section, it will then only show Millcreek homes over $3,000,000. CINC believes it gives you a better chance of landing that client.  

            If you want to view the site as a brand new visitor, you can use an "incognito" tab:

            Article: Private Browsing In Safari

            Article: Google Chrome Incognito Window

            Once you start to land those other listings, it's really easy to get those added. For this example, we will use Texas.

            1. Go to your Properties Tab in your Dashboard

            2. Use the drop-down and find your name

              • If we have your TX MLS ID correct, your listing will appear here.

            3. Click the "Featured" button and your all set

            When you get those TX listings, if you don't see them on the list, let us know. We can check to make sure your Agent ID is set up correctly. Sometimes MLSs tell you one MLS ID and then expect something different from us. Our CINC rep can quickly address this if we need him to.

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