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            How to download eXp World (Mac)

            How to download eXp World (Mac)

            The purpose of this guide is to walk you through downloading and logging into eXp World.

            Downloading eXp World:

            1. Go to: https://download.exprealty.com/
            2. Click on the "Download: MAC" button
            3. Click on/run eXpWorld.dmg

            If you cannot find eXpWorld.dmg at the bottom of your screen please check your downloads folder as demonstrated below.

            Installing eXp World:

            1. The installer should come up with a picture of eXp World and your Applications folder
            2. Click on eXp World and drag it over to the Applications folder
            3. eXp World will then install

            Running eXp World:

            1. Open eXp World by clicking on the icon in the Applications folder (The Applications Folder should open once eXp World finishes installing. If it does not please open the Finder)
            2. The eXp World Configuration should come up. Click on Play
            3. The Welcome Screen should come up. Click on the "Login with Passport" button
              1. This is where you sign in with your Passport Information
            4. Upon successful login you will find yourself in the Welcome Center
              1. For tips on using eXp World click here
            When creating a shortcut for eXp World please do not create one in the Dock. Launching eXp World from the Dock can cause it to not run properly.
            Instead, it is recommend that you create a shortcut on your desktop. 

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