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            How To Add Compliance Information To Your kvCORE Website

            How To Add Compliance Information To Your kvCORE Website

            To add compliance information to every page of your site, simply add said information to the "Footer" of your site so it appears at the bottom of every page.

            This can be used for displaying CAL BRE Numbers, specific titles, addresses, or information that your state requires, or even linking TREC documents.

            To add to the Footer section, simply follow these steps:

            1. Click "Web & IDX"

            2. Click "Edit Website Settings"

            3. Scroll Down To Custom Footer

            4. Add Text, Links, or HTML

            Need To Add A Link? For Example, A Link To Your IABs Form (Texas Agents)? Instructions For Adding A Link At The Bottom Of This Page

            5. Click "Save"

            Want to see your page's change immediately? Make sure to read to read the following Knowledge Base Article: Why doesn't my site updated automatically? 

            1. Copy HTML Code Below, Fill Out Details, & Paste Into "Custom Footer"

            1. Code To Copy: <a href="***Insert Document URL***">***Name of Your Document***</a>

            Example:                                      <a href="http://google.com/
            ">TREC DOCUMENT Title</a>

            Example IABs Form HTML:         <a href=" **INSERT HOSTED DOCUMENT LINK** ">Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services</a>

            Make sure you remove the *** in the above examples if you copy.

            2. Click Save

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