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            How Do I Send a Fax with Hello Fax

            You can send a fax from Hello Fax using your eXp email account by using the steps below:

            1. Compose a new email and attach the document you wish to fax.

            2. It's not required, but if you'd like to add a cover page, text entered in the “subject” line of your email will become the “To” portion of your cover page. Text entered in the body of your email will become the message of your cover page.

            3. If you're sending the fax to a U.S. number, enter 1 and the ten digit fax number @hellofax.com, like so: 15552345678@hellofax.com.

            For international faxes, you will need to enter the number in the following order: 00 followed by the destination country code, and then the fax number@hellofax.com, like so: 00429875555@hellofax.com.


            - Even if you are located in a country outside of the US and are faxing to your own country, you still need to enter the number in this format.

            Updated: 13 Feb 2018 05:34 AM
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