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            How Do I Reset My Ring Central Password?

            You can reset your RingCentral password by visiting Ring Central Password Reset and entering your eXp-provided number and extension. If your activation link has expired please email Technical Support at support@exprealty.com.

            Below is the full password reset guide

            1. Click the reset your password link.

            click reset password
            NOTE:  You will need to specify your Extension Number if there are two (2) or more Administrators on your RingCentral account to avoid confusion from resetting a different User account.
            2. An email will be sent to the Email Address that was set on your extension.
            email sent
            3. Go to your email account, and open the RingCentral notification email (from: service@ringcentral.com) in your Inbox. 

            NOTE: If you are unable to find the email in your inbox, look for it in the Spam folder.

            4. Click the Reset Your Password button, or the link on the email to reset your password.
            reset password email

            5. Set your New Password. Click Save.

            enter new password

            NOTE: Your new password must comply with RingCentral's Password Criteria: 
            • One (1) letter
            • One (1) number
            • One (1) special character (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, * , .) or One (1) uppercase letter
            • At least eight (8) characters with a maximum of 32 characters.
            • No repeating or sequential characters/numbers

            If your activation link has expired, contact support@exprealty.com.

            Updated: 28 May 2019 04:45 AM
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