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            How do I pick “Target Areas” that will best produce leads?

            When we say “Target Area” we mean the areas you’d like home buyer leads for. Areas where you want to be selling your homes.

            We have 5 basic “rules of thumb” that you should use when picking your areas to target.

            1) Areas with, on average, 100+ active listings produce the best. The fewer number of listings, the more difficult it is to produce home buyers.

            2) Must Be A MLS Area. The target area(s) that you select must be an area reflected in your MLS. 

            3) Test using your own website. Use your website home search as if you were a home buyer. This will allow you to see the number of active listings (for #1) per area. Also, this allows you to see which areas populate the “cleanest” in your site’s “location” search field.

                  Video Tutorial: Using Your KVCore home search site to help pick your "Making It Rain" target areahttps://youtu.be/rb72VFTpJe0

            4) No Zipcodes. People just usually don’t search Google for zip codes, “homes for sale in 92672”. They search for city/community names, “Homes for sale in San Clemente”.

            5) Avoid "Sections/Districts" like “South”, “Mid”, “Downtown” unless they are a super common terminology in your area.

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