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            Importing Leads Into CINC (File Requirements and Import Instructions)

            The Powered by CINC platform is no longer offered by eXp Realty. The information listed below may not be current or correct.

            File Requirements

            The CINC Import Tool will only accept files in a .csv (Comma Separated Values) format. Most other lead generation sources and CRMs will export your leads in this format. However there are some that will send Excel (.xls or .xlsx) files that you will need to convert to .csv. In addition to being a .csv format file, the data in the file needs to be in a standard spreadsheet format. This entails having the first row of the file be the names or titles of the data for the leads. Each lead (and their associated data) should be on a single row.

            Here is an example of a properly formatted file:


            When importing to the CINC, there are 4 fields that every file must have: First Name, Last Name, Email, Cell Phone (if your file has the lead’s name in one cell instead of two, you can use the Full Name field in the mapping process and that will break it into First and Last automatically)

            If your file does not have these fields, the file will be rejected by the Import Tool.

            If you do not have data for the leads for one of these fields, placeholder data will be generated for the lead as follows: First Name: J Last Name: Smith Email: noemail-import-#############@cincimport.com Phone: n/a


            How to import leads using the Import Tool

            1. In CRM+, go to your Leads Dashboard. Click on Leads Dashboard to bring up the action menu.

            2. Click Lead Import to start the tool.


            3. Click the Start New Import button

            4. Click the Select File button and then Upload File.


            5. Choose your prepared .csv file and then click Upload to add your file to the Import Tool

            6. Click Next On the field mapping page, you can match the column names/titles to the appropriate field in CINC.

            If your column name closely matches the CINC field name, it will auto-populate to that field. If the system cannot determine what the field is from the column name, it will default to Custom Note. You can find the list of fields and information about them HERE. Also, there are tooltips for each field on the mapping screen; you can click on the ? symbol to bring up the description.

            7. Click Next when you have mapped your fields.

            If you have a field with the Agent Assigned or Pipeline mapped, you will go to another mapping screen for those fields. There you can match the entries for those fields in your file to the appropriate agent/pipeline stage.

            8. The last step to import your leads is to enter a label that will be added to all the leads as they are imported. Enter the label you want to use in the text box.

            If the label does not already exist on your platform it will be created; otherwise the existing label will be added.

            Here you will also have the option to send a welcome email to your imported leads. To do so, check the Send Welcome Email box before hitting Submit. The welcome email will be sent from the agent assigned in the import process or, if none was assigned, from the owner of the site.

            The template used for the welcome email is: Welcome Email for Mass Imported Leads It can be found in your template list.


            Once you have submitted the import, you will be taken back to the first import screen. There you can track the progress of your import (you may need to refresh the page to see it start). When your import is complete, you will receive an email alert with a reminder of the label used and an error report. The error report will show you the leads that were not added (by row number in the file) and a reason why.

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