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            Home Page-

            This is what enterprise loads into for Agents. If they have not set up their profile picture in Enterprise they may get a prompt to do so. They can exit out of that prompt and upload later.
            Agents have quick links to the different sites that eXp has. All agents will show CINC but it is no longer available.

            *eXp Guest request is not available at this time.

            Agent Selections-


            Agents will come in and state that their data in Enterprise is showing zeros or has not updated. They are typically referring to their dashboard. This is supposed to auto refresh but sometimes it never does
            If you direct the agent to scroll to the very bottom of their dashboard they should see a blue link that says "Click to manually refresh the page". Have them click on this link to see if this resolves the issue.

            Optional Services - This is where the agents will opt in for kvCORE. They will need to accept all of the prompts and then it takes 7-10 business days to complete. 

            Profile -

            Manage Profile is where they can go and update their profile picture and their active Markets. Any updates to name and eXp email address need to go through the State Broker and Accounting. Updates to phone number or MLS needs to be done with Agent Onboarding. Update to forwarding email address is Tech Outpost.  This is where the eXperts Directory (experts.exprealty.com) pulls its information.

            Online Payments - This the payment portal where agents will go to update their CC on file and pay invoices. This should auto sign them in when they log into Enterprise. When selecting this for the first time they may see something about a pop up was blocked. They just need to click on the icon at the top right in the URL bar and choose to allow pop-ups from this site. They may also encounter a login screen. If they do have a login for the payment portal follow the steps in this link Online Payment Portal TS

            My Passport Account - Agents can update their password and security questions from here. They can also update from exprealty.okta.com

            Finance -

            Here agents can view their revenue share and stock. Agents will visit Accounting if they have questions or state the information here is incorrect.

            One thing to note is that both of these do not update daily. Per accounting, these update once a month and typically at the end of the month into the following month. So Agents will see last months info in the current month.

            Transactions - This info is pulled from skyslope. It should update daily or by the following day. If the agent reports this information is wrong they will need to work with transactions and accounting to ensure all transactions are correct. Due to how transactions are processed it may take some time for them to show up. The agent can verify this with the transactions team and accounting.

            Experts Directory - This directory is where agents can search for other agents and their state broker's contact information. This information is pulled directly from the agent's profile in Enterprise. Any changes the agent makes to their profile takes 24 hours before it will update Experts Directory

            The phone number is their number listed in their profile
            Expert Areas can be added by the agent in the Active Market section in their profile
            The about is pulled from their BIO 

            Logout - this is good to use if the agent is using a device other than their's or they are getting the payment portal login and need to test in an incognito window or different browser. 

            Updated: 07 Nov 2018 01:39 AM
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