eXp Realty

            Downloading The eXp Realty Logo

            In order to download our official logo please follow the steps below:

            1. Visit http://expcloud.com/brand-resources/
            2. Scroll down, and find "Logo Download". It will be the first result.
            3. Click "Logo Download", and it will expand a menu of all the available logos.
            4. Click the file which you would like to download.
            5. If a new window with the image opens up, right click the picture and click "Save as..."
            6. If a new window doesn't appear - the image has gone to your downloads folder.

            The version labeled "PNG" will have a transparent background.

            If you are having custom print work done, your designer might need a "high resolution" version. If this is the case, simply send them the version labeled "EPS / Adobe Illustrator".

            Updated: 29 Dec 2017 06:26 AM
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