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            Difference and Relationship of KVCore & "Making It Rain"

            Hey eXper's

            KVCore is the website and client management system (CRM) provided to eXp agents through our third partner relationship with "Inside Real Estate". Inside Real Estate is the parent company of KVCore. 

            The "Making It Rain" program is an internal eXp lead generation program run by eXp employees and exclusively offered to eXp agents.  With "Making It Rain" our eXp Marketing Specialists run and manage lead generation marketing campaigns through Google which drive home buyer "traffic" to your KVCore home search website. With the goal being to generate home buyer leads in your KVCore CRM. 

            We have great weekly training sessions in eXp World for both systems/programs. eXp Calendar > expcloud.com

            For questions related to the following subjects please contact KVCore support.
            Common KVCore questions/topics:
            1.  The MLS feed to your KVCore home search
            2. Your KVCore website settings
            3. KVCore Add-ons like a "Vanity Domain"
            4. Smart Campaigns - texting, emails, reminders, etc

            For questions related to the following subjects please contact MIR support.
            1. Signing up and sign up process for MIR 
            2. "Target Areas" that your campaign is focusing on
            3. Your MIR dollar spend per month
            4. MIR Billing
            5. What MIR ads look it

            Happy Home Selling!
            Updated: 15 Apr 2019 08:39 AM
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