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            CRM Connect Integration

            You can set up around 300 lead generation sources to automatically forward leads to Commissions Inc as long as email is used by those sites to deliver the lead alert notification including the lead's contact information. Brokers or Admins can control if those leads receive a welcome email or if they get automatically labeled.

            Please note, if you need to get leads from Zillow Tech Connect we offer a Zillow API (direct computer connection) for those connections, so be sure to see their articles here in Help & Training for connecting those to your CINC platform.

            Step By Step Instructions:

            1. Go to 'Edit Profile and Settings' in the top right corner of your CINC dashboard


            2. Select 'Integrations' on the left Profile menu.


            3. Scroll down in the Integrations section until you see 'CRM Connect' and then copy the email address that is generated for the routing option that you choose.


            4. Log into the other Lead Generation Source and change the Lead Alert Email Address to the @cincemail address that's created for your unique site.

            5. New leads that are generated from the other source will automatically flow into your CINC system and receive a welcome email from your CINC Site with their username and password. A saved search will be created if we have information about a specific property that they have viewed.

            Control Labeling and Welcome Emails:

            1. Navigate to "Admin" > "Settings"

            2.  Scroll down to the "CRM Connect Settings" section

            3. If you'd like the leads Auto-Labeled (for use with custom drip campaigns), select any of the existing labels in your site that you'd like to be applied
                If you'd like to turn OFF the automatic welcome email for those leads, you can toggle that off, and set up a custom welcome for all CRM Connect leads using your Auto Labeling

            Updated: 09 Feb 2018 01:33 AM
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