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            Configure Your Zapier Integration (Zaps)

            A Note For Customers Migrating from Kunversion. With kvCORE, we have a new Zap that is entirely different than the one used with Kunversion. 

            Check your existing zaps.

            You must first log into zapier and review the zaps you have setup. You may have zaps that are sending leads TO kunversion, or you might have zaps sending leads OUT of kunversion to somwhere else.

            In either case, it's very important to note what you configured before. Especially because you want to keep the same functionality.

            For example, if you were getting leads zapped in from Facebook Ads to Kunversion, and you were giving those leads a special hashtag, you will want to do the same thing for kvCORE. 

            Speaking of hashtags, don't forget to check your campaigns in kvCORE! If you assigned a campaign to a hashtag in Kunversion, make sure you're setup the same way in kvCORE. Please reach out to us for assistance.

            Setting up Zapier with your kvCORE Account

            The invite link above will do one of two things depending on your situation. If you are logged in already, you can skip to Step 1B . Otherwise you can sign up (or login if you have an account):

            Step 1A: Sign Up

            If you click the sign up link, simply insert your info to continue.

            Step 1B: Accept Invite

            Upon logging in, click the accept invite button to continue to the Zapier Dashboard.

            Step 2: The Zapier Dashboard

            Once you're in, click the blue button to get started.

            Then, click on the arrow on the upper left hand side:

            Now you can see what is going on exactly:

            Step 3: Your Strategy or Idea

            In this part of the tutorial, we are starting from the very beginning, using that invite link to get kvCORE connected to our Zapier account. 

            Now that we have just done that, it seems we are going to start creating our first Zap. 

            However, at this stage, you have to decide one of two things. 
            • Am I sending leads FROM kvCORE to somewhere else?
            • Am I sending leads TO kvCORE from somewhere else?

            Sending Leads from kvCORE to somewhere else

            If this is what you want to do, you can proceed to the example below to start building the rest of your zap. The example zap down below starts with Outlook, but you can start with kvCORE following the same idea. The only difference is there is only ONE trigger for kvCORE, which is adding a new lead.

            Sending Leads TO kvCORE from another program

            If this is what you want to do, you need to change your trigger. The trigger is the first thing that happens in a zap. So, because the lead is coming from another program, we have to start with that program as our trigger.

            To change the trigger:

            1. Click on 'kvCORE' to change the trigger from kvCORE to a different starting program (the program where the leads are coming FROM.)

            2. Click into the searchbox to find your starting program.

            3. Select the one you want! The only options available are what you can find in this search.

            4. As soon as you select the one you want your trigger will change!

            From here you can proceed to the example zap below to follow along.

            Create A Zap From Scratch

            Once your past the invite link options/page, you can start creating zaps that send leads into kvCORE.

            Just click on the 'Make a Zap!' button at the top of the page.

            You can either choose to send leads TO kvCORE, or FROM kvCORE.

            • To send leads TO kvCORE, you will choose kvCORE at the 'Action' step.
            • To send leads FROM kvCORE, you will choose kvCORE at the 'Trigger' step.

            Example Zap

            In this example, we will create a zap that sends leads into kvCORE. 

            The app we will use is Google Contacts. Basically, whenever we add a contact to Google Contacts, I want to add it to kvCORE.

            Step 1: Choose Google Contacts. 

            First, select Google contacts under the trigger step:

            Step 2: Choose Trigger

            Now, I want to add the contact to kvCORE whenever I add one in Google. So, we select 'New or Updated Contact.'

            You can see on the left how we are setting up the trigger which is still step 1 in the zap. Select the trigger in the middle (New or Updated Contact), then click save + continue.

            Step 3: Connect Google

            Of course now, we must connect our Google Account. Click the button and follow the prompts in the popup window. Keep in mind, only the contacts added from the Google Account you are logging into here will be added to kvCORE. Each separate Google Account would have its own zap.

            After the account is added, test it to make sure it connects, and click on Save + Continue

            Step 4: What contacts to send?

            Here we have an interesting option. We can choose to send all contacts to kvCORE, or only some of them. In this case, Google Contacts is sorted by group:

            You can leave it as the default which is 'All' groups, or you can set a specific one.

            Why choose?

            kvCORE can be the nexus of everything you do online. So, what we would recommend is creating zaps for each group separately. Because in the Action Step of this zap, I could opt to label a specific group with a hashtag in kvCORE, or even a status like sphere, prospect, etc. Taking the time to set this up in such a granular way, means that I won't have to worry how I am adding contacts. If I add them to the right group in Google, they go into the right group in kvCORE as well. Very powerful.

            After selecting a group (or leaving it at 'All' click save + continue at the bottom.

            On the following screen, you should test successfully, so long as there is a contact and your account is connected properly.

            Click Continue.

            If you need additional filtering, besides just contact group, you can do that using a zapier filter. Just click the + symbol before the 'Action' step. For more info, click here.

            Step 4e: Choose Action!

            Here, we are ready to select kvCORE as the destination for our contact created in Google! Simply search and pick kvCORE. If you cannot find kvCORE, you did not previously accept the invite link at the very beginning of this guide.

            You can open the invite link in a new tab, and accept it, then return to the tab you are creating your zap in, and refresh the page.

            Click Save + Continue

            Step 5: Connect kvCORE account.

            When you click on the 'Connect Your Account' button, a new window opens where you insert your API Key.

            This is found in kvCORE under Lead Engine > Lead Dropbox.

            Click the COPY TO CLIPBOARD button underneath the key you want to use.

            Personal: All contacts from this zap go only to your database.
            Office: All contacts from this zap go to your team (rotation/lead routing.)
            Company: All contacts from this zap go to your entire company (rotation/lead routing.)

            Once your key is copied, paste it in, click continue, and you should be able to test it successfully.

            Click Save + Continue

            Step 6: Connect Fields

            Now the fun really begins! Match up each of the fields with the corresponding data from Google Contacts. Click on the selector at the far right of each field for the kvCORE record, and match it to the Google Contact record. You can specify anything you want here, from information about where they are looking to what status they should be inserted into, and even what hashtag to use.

            Once you're done, continue, and finish!

            At the end, enter a name for your zap, and don't forget to hit the on switch.

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