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            Advanced Custom Page Tricks In kvCORE

            If you have any questions about the basics of adding a page to kvCORE, we recommend starting with the basics (Adding A Custom Page to kvCORE).

            Ready for some advanced tips and tricks? Excellent.

            Adding Page To Main Navigation

            You can do this by simply selecting "Yes - display in nav" in the "Show In Main Nav"

            1. Add Title And Description For the Page

            Note: The description isn't used anywhere and doesn't really matter. It is needed to create the page.

            2. Paste Link In The "URL" Section

            3. Save Page

            How This Can Be Used

            1. Links To Squeeze Pages

            2. Links To Custom Landing Pages

            Custom Landing Pages can be used to create recruiting pages, listing appointment pages, or anything where you want to entice someone to provide their information

            3. Links To Specific Property Searches

            Feature the Areas you primarily work.

            4. Links To Social Media Sites

            5. Links To Appointment Scheduling 

            Example: Calendly.com

            Creating A Custom Page That Doesn't Show In The Navigation

            You can do this by selecting "No - will be on resource page only".

            How This Can Be Used

            You would normally only use this when you want to have a page or resource but don't want it always clickable from your navigation. 
            1. Link To This Page On The Front Of Your Site

            2. Link To This Page In A Blog Post

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