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            Adjusting Sound Settings (Mac)

            Adjusting Sound Settings (Mac)

            This guide explains how to adjust Input/Output settings so that you can choose where your sound is coming from.

            First we have a couple of basic settings to define:

            Input device - Any device that takes in information/sound and transmits it to the computer.

            Output device - Any device that transmits information/sound from the computer

            Have you ever logged into eXp World, listened to the birds chirping or the footsteps of your avatar and wondered to yourself, "Why can't I hear anyone?" These settings being incorrect could be the culprit!

            Sometimes when a new monitor is plugged in the sound settings can change to send sound to the new monitor. 

            To adjust your sound settings please follow these steps:

            Step 1. Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and click on Sound.


            Step 2. Check the Input Settings and the Output settings and make sure the proper device is selected. If it is not selected, left click the device you wish to use. 


            Under the Input tab there is an ambient noise reduction setting. This can sometime cause a built in mic to not pick up a users voice in regards to eXp World. If this appears to be happening try turning this setting off. 

            Step 3. Once you have the proper devices selected test the sound/microphone. 

            If devices are not working properly check the connections of the devices (For example: Most speakers have a cable that connects to the speaker port on a computer.) and make sure they are turned on. Then check the volume and review the settings to make sure the proper devices are selected.

            Congratulations, you are now a Sound Settings eXpert!

            Some Mojave users may experience sound issues due to updates from Apple. If you are having issues please contact: support@exprealty.com

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