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            Adding License information to the site

            Some states require license information on the site where it is available for the consumer to easily find.

            There are few tools in kvCORE to ensure that your license information is displayed.

            Information in the Tagline -

            The tagline is the colored bar just below the header of the website. The header is the area with the background picture, your name, photo and the primary search widget at the very top of your website.

            Step 1:

            Log into kvCORE 

            It is good to note that you need an active kvCORE account with an active site to follow these steps.

            Step 2:

            Click on your email address at the top right of the screen, a drop down menu will appear and then click on My Profile

            Step 3:

            On this screen click on Edit, this is where you can add your Agent MLS ID and your License information (DRE# for California agents)


            Step 4:

            Click Save once you have made the changes to your profile.

            Step 5:

            Click on Web&IDX from the left hand side column, once the page loads click on Edit Settings.

            Step 6:

            Click on Agent from the column on the left hand side. This causes the right hand side to auto scroll down. Toggle YES the "Use Agent info for Tagline".

            This pulls the agent email, phone number and license information from the profile and places it neatly in the tagline bar (the colored bar below the header of the site)

            Adding License information to the footer of your site

            Another spot to add compliance or License # to your site is in the footer

            Step 1:

            Log into kvCORE, click on Web&IDX from the left hand column and then Edit Settings

            Step 2:

            On the right hand side scroll down until you see "Custom Footer"

            You can add HTML or just plain text to this area. It will display under the office name, address and phone number listed at the very bottom of your site on every page.

            As you can see in the example above I have

            <b>eXp Realty of California and DRE# XXXXXXXX<b>

            The <b> <b> just mean BOLD, so it makes the text from plain to bolded. You can check this out on ca.exprealty.com

            If I removed the <b> from the text it would look normal.

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