Where can I find the Property Condition Report for ExpressOffers?

Where can I find the Property Condition Report for ExpressOffers?

The Property Condition Report helps you analyze a property that you are considering submitting to the ExpressOffers platform. You can keep yourself organized and on task by filling out the form while you are at the property. You can either print it and take it with you or fill it out live - it's a fillable PDF - that you can use on your phone, tablet or laptop. 

You can find the Property Condition Report inside the ExpressOffers software platform in the Downloads menu.
Click Menu at the top left and then Downloads.
Don't forget to get the required photos while you are at the property:
Required Photos from the Property Condition Report
When you are ready to upload the Property Condition Report, go back into the ExpressOffers platform and while you are submitting your property, you will upload the report during Step 4:

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