When can I get kvCORE?

When can I get kvCORE?

Before you can opt into kvCORE you must do or be the following


  1.  You must be an active eXp Realty agent. 

  2.  You can sign into eXpenterprise.com with your eXp email and permanent passport password

  3.  You are an active member of an MLS or board/association that provides an IDX feed

    1. Also verify the information in your Enterprise account is up to date and correct. If it is not reach out to Agent Transitions/Onboarding for that correction.

  4. Verify it is something eXp Realty has set up in kvCORE 

    1.  Your can check this out via the link here https://expcloud.com/exp-mls-associations/

    2. If it says "In Process" this means the IDX feed and Corporate site is not live. Your account can not be created. Your state's eXp Realty Broker Team can help provide you with insight and updates on when this will go live.


If all of the above are true and correct then you can proceed to the steps below



How to get kvCORE

  1. Log In To eXpEnterprise.com

  2. Click "Optional Services"

  3. Locate "kvCORE"

  4. Click "Sign Up"

  5. Confirm Contact & MLS Details You won't be able to change these details. 

  6. If something looks to be incorrect, STOP, and reach out to Agent Transitions/Onboarding and your state's eXp Realty Broker Team.

    1. They can assist in updating your Enterprise account with the correct information.

    2. Once corrected then you can complete the opt in process.

  7. Check The Box That States " I understand accounts that are inactive for 60 days will be closed."

  8. Hit "Send" 



Account Creation and expectations


Average account creation time is 7-10 business days

      There are some MLS that require additional steps which include paperwork or fees they may charge.

      The time listed above helps accommodate that window.

      Emails are sent out to the agents affected by this process.


The account creation process is automated but does go through some checks and balances to make sure it is set up with the information provided in the optin.



Once you account is created and is live you will receive a "Welcome to kvCORE" email

      This email will include your login information to access your account

      Please check your spam folder



Can this be expedited?

Yes, if you follow all of the steps above this will expedite the process. 

If you receive emails about being apart of an MLS that requires additional steps, please fill these out and respond to any questions sent from Inside Real Estate's IDX Admin team.

The sooner you opt into kvCORE and with the correct information the sooner the account will be created.




It has been more than 7-10 Business days 

Double check your inbox and spam folder for the "Welcome to kvCORE" email

Verify what you opted into kvCORE is represented by a Active corporate site

Verify that you did not receive any emails about a "Delay in Setup". You may be a member of an MLS that requires additional steps. If this is the case you must complete the steps and wait for approval.


If you can not locate your welcome email and have not received any other notifications about a delay in setup please email  support@exprealty.com 


They can check on the status of your account to see if there is an issue and then provide you with some information or next steps you may need to take.