What is ExpressOffers?

What is ExpressOffers?


What is it?

ExpressOffers is our proprietary iBuying software platform that connects eXp Agents to our marketplace of Institutional Investors (iBuyers). You identify properties for the investors using their Buy Box criteria and receive the normal commission that you would negotiate for the listing side of the transaction. ExpressOffers potentially gives you a cash buyer for the sellers depending on their unique situations.

As an eXp agent, you begin by completing certification training specifically designed to build your skills as a trusted advisor allowing you to aggregate offers from our marketplace of iBuyers.  You'll review buy boxes in your area to understand what the investors available to you are looking for. Then, you’ll identify sellers who may need this convenience option. Once you submit a property to the ExpressOffers Platform, the iBuyer has the option to Offer or PASS. If you receive and offer, you'll present to the seller. If seller accepts, you'll proceed like any other residential real estate transaction. At closing, you would receive the normal commission that you would negotiate for the listing side of the transaction.

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