What is a Certified Mentor?

What is a Certified Mentor?

A Certified Mentor is someone who has a passion for the field of real estate and for helping other agents. Mentors must apply and complete eXp Realty’s Mentor Certification Process, making a commitment to help new agents acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary to start and build a successful real estate career.  

Approval of applicants to become mentors is dependent upon the state broker team and the following requirements:

  • Completion of at least eight real estate transactions within the last twelve months.

  • Completion of at least two transactions within the eXp Realty system.

  • Complete all steps to become certified. 

  • Attendance, at a minimum, of 8 of the 12 monthly Mentor Mastermind Workshops held in eXp World.

  • Attendance, at a minimum, of fifty percent of their state meetings.


Mentors will be eligible to receive remuneration from mentees for this assistance in the form of 10% of the commission from each mentee’s first three closed residential sales transactions.

What is expected of you, the Mentor:

  • Please check your email daily!

  • After you accept a mentee request, please reach out via phone call, text, and/or email. Discuss their goals, expectations, and current work flow schedule. Should you find that after your initial call/meeting the mentee it is not the best match, please reach out to mentorprogram@exprealty.net with a request to have the agent reassigned. 

  • Please do NOT wait to speak to the mentee before clicking ‘Accept.’ If the agent is left pending they will be reassigned to a new mentor after 48 hours. Please make sure you have allocated time in your weekly schedule to accommodate any new mentees before agreeing to accept them. 

  • Mentor & Mentor Program fees are not negotiable. Mentors/mentees may not negotiate, or barter services or gifts in order to waive the fees.

  • You will hold the mentee accountable for completing the required Mentor Program training curriculum within 90 days of being paired. Your mentee will receive access to the Mentor Program curriculum in your eXp learning platform (the LMS/ learning management system).

  • You shall attend regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with mentees.

  • Mentors are required to go to state meetings and expected to hold their mentee accountable for state meeting attendance at least 50% of the time the mentee is in the Program.

  • Guide your mentee on finding real estate docs, features, and services of the MLS.

  • Mentors shall role play with your mentee on a variety of real estate scenarios that will assist them in becoming an experienced agent. (for ex: listing appointments, inspections, negotiations, etc)

  • Mentors shall encourage mentees to stay active and engaged in their business (motivate your mentee!)

  • The mentor is responsible for tracking all mentee assignments. You are welcome to use the “Mentee Tracker” google sheet located in your Certified Mentor Manual. 

  • Mentees often have other jobs while getting started in real estate. Please be patient while they work to acquire their first three transactions.

  • Please keep track of what you are getting paid from each mentee. The Mentor Program does not have that information. 

What is expected of your Mentee:

  • Mentees should be responsive to your communication attempts. We encourage you to reach out three times to the mentee. After reaching out three times with no response, please notify the Mentor team that you have an unresponsive mentee. 

  • Mentees need to be self-starters and utilize the resources available listed on their mentee checklist.

  • If mentees want to shadow, then they must make themselves available for opportunities. 

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