What happens with leads from expressoffers.com?

What happens with leads from expressoffers.com?

You receive ExpressOffers leads from multiple sources. We built a software tool that we call the "lead router" to distribute seller leads to you. The first two options come via text message from  360-218-0074 for a 25% referral fee:
  1. expressoffers.com - our consumer facing website that allows sellers to enter some information to get a cash offer from a local eXp agent. 
  2. Our ISA (Inside Sales Associate) department receives sellers inquiries from the ExpressOffers program's online marketing efforts and the ISA team will set the appointment with the seller and then put that into our lead router.
  3. expressoffers.com Agent URL - a free tool that you can use in your marketing efforts. These leads do not go into the lead router, they will come to you via your eXp email address and they do not have a referral fee attached to them.
  4. Essentials and Funnels: our two paid lead generation products. Click here to watch Kevin's Express Offers Leads course, which is about 30 minutes long and explains the difference between these two products.
Please make sure that your home address and phone number are current in Enterprise because that is what we use to route you leads!
We thought we would give you detailed information on how the leads will be distributed from our proprietary lead router software:
  1. You must be a Certified ExpressOffers Agent.
  2. You must have logged into the platform with your eXp Passport login credentials.
  3. Leads are routed to agents that live near the property being submitted.
  4. The address we use to find an agent comes from Enterprise. 
  5. The phone number we use to text you comes from Enterprise.
  6. Leads are provided via a system called jump ball, which means that the text is sent out to multiple agents and the first one that answers it, gets the lead. If you weren't first, it will let you know.
There is a 25% referral fee on expressoffers.com seller leads and this will be visible to you in the initial text that you receive. Please read carefully before accepting the lead from this phone number 360-218-0074.

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