What are the ExpressOffers benefits for investors?

What are the ExpressOffers benefits for investors?

This article is for you to use while speaking with an investor. It is an INTERNAL document, please do not share it.
There are several benefits for the investor. You can use these as talking points when you introduce ExpressOffers to potential iBuyers:
  1. New lead source from thousands of eXp agents looking for properties.
  2. No minimum purchase, offer or pass with a reason on each property.
  3. Only pay a set platform fee if you close on a property.
  4. Seller pays commission, which is only the listing side to the agent.
  5. Title and Escrow company are selected by the investor.
  6. Closing costs are investors choice and normally based on local custom.
  7. Contract information and LOI (Letter of Intent) established by the investor in the onboarding process via a document called the Agent Guidelines so that eXp agents can fill out the state forms/contracts and submit to the investor via digital signature.
  8. Invoice provided to iBuyer prior to closing and the platform fee will be paid on the closing statement.
  9. Have an eXp ExpressOffers Certified Agent to handle communication with the seller.
  10. Option to re-list with our eXp agents for 1.5% commission.
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      This is the vetting process to bring an iBuyer into our ExpressOffers platform: An iBuyer is expected to give us Proof of Funds (POF) in the highest amount of their Buy Box every two months. For example, if their Buy Box shows $100,000 to $500,000, ...
    • What is ExpressOffers?

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    • Is there a financial incentive for introducing iBuyers to ExpressOffers?

      Yes. iBuyers are required to pay a platform fee per transaction and agents will be compensated ⅓ of that fee while eXp Realty will retain ⅔ of that fee.
    • Is it OK if I email wholesale properties to our iBuyers?

      No. Our iBuyers will not entertain any wholesaler deals that are already under contract. This platform will only apply to authorized owners/sellers that have signed our Disclosure to Sellers. Our iBuyers will not accept any assigned contracts.