Check List - Top 10 things you need to do first

Check List - Top 10 things you need to do first

Congratulations! You have successfully opted into kvCORE and have received your "Welcome to kvCORE" email

Here are the top 10 items we recommend you do or check as you get started with kvCORE

1. Verify you can successfully sign into kvCORE

  1. Your login information will be inside of the "Welcome to kvCORE" email
    1. kvCORE does not use passport/okta
If you have received your "Welcome to kvCORE" email and can not sign in, please email for assistance

2. Verify your website subdomain

All agent kvCORE accounts are created with first and last legal name (example:

Two ways to find your Subdomain:

            1. log into your kvCORE account and on the left hand side click on Web&IDX 
            2. log into your kvCORE account and click on your email address at the top right. In that drop down click on Agents. 
This area will display your phone number, email and then Website at the top

Subdomain Change Requests

You can request that your subdomain be updated with your preferred name by emailing
The approvals are dependent on your eXp State Broker Team, they will be emailed with your current subdomain in kvCORE along with what you have requested.
Their reply to the email is required.
There is no ETA, however most approvals are same day. Normal turn time for the request is 2-3 business days from the time of your submission to change.
Before submitting for a change, please contact your eXp State Broker team to understand if there are any limitations or changes they would not approve.

3. Verify that your subdomain is fuctional

Please follow the instructions above on how to locate your subdomain and then navigate to your site
If it does not load please reach out to

4. Verify that your site has the correct MLS attached

Look at your website, scroll down to the footer of your site. Look at the disclaimer. Do a search on your site.
If the MLS disclaimer and the listings on the site are incorrect reach out to

5. Have all compliance pieces ready and get them added

Some states require that there be additional agent specific compliance added to the agent site.
If you have questions or concerns please work direclty with your eXp State Broker Team to understand what your responsibilities are as an agent displaying IDX/MLS information on a website.

6. Complete the "Agent Quick Start" in kvCORE

The Agent Quick Start plan is located on your dashboard and should be one of the first things you go through before doing anything else with your account.
It will walk you through the basics of using kvCORE and all of the pieces that make kvCORE such a powerful tool.

7. Have all of your pictures, social media links, signatures and info for you kvCORE profile.

Updating your kvCORE profile with who you are as an agent is very important.
You can enter in Social Media links, create a signature, craft your bio which displays on your site and upload a photo.

8. Have your contacts ready for import (if applicable)

If you have existing contacts you wish to have added to kvCORE then have those ready to import
Inside Real Estate (kvCORE) has a free service, that our agents can utilize, to help import their contacts into kvCORE

9. Schedule time every week to learn about kvCORE

There is a lot going on in this very powerful tool however there is also resources everywhere to learn about it.
Schedule time every day to log in and take a look around
Schedule a little time every single week to learn something new or master an area in kvCORE.

There are hundreds of hours available every month to learn about kvCORE. Online webinars, live classes in eXp World, Youtube, and kvCORE learning modules. You can also find all of the available courses inside of your kvCORE account here kvCORE Training Modules

10. Explore the different lead generation programs available

New to Real Estate or need a jump start with some new leads? Then start with the different lead generation programs available only to eXp Realty Agent

or explore all of the lead generation options available in the kvCORE Marketplace
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